Monday, July 14, 2008

Hydraulic Dump Trailer Troubleshooting

So, you've got your hydraulic dump trailer
out on a job site. It's miserably hot, you've got 5 Tons of mulch, trash, shrubs or horse "business" to unload, spread and then go back for more, and you've got 5 more hours to get it done. You go to raise the dump and "Click"... nothing happens. This might be a good time to reflect on your spiritual side. Luckily, a 12VDC hydraulic unit aren't the most complex systems in the world and they are quite easy to troubleshoot. Here is a list of things to check on your dump trailer hydraulic system before you blow a gasket. And if all else fails, give me a call @ 888-898-5031.

  1. Make sure battery is fully charged. (no-brainer, but I had to put it first)
  2. Check ground wire (usually attached to frame). The unit will operate but not perform to its full capability if not properly grounded.
  3. Make sure reservoir is at least ¾ full of oil.
  4. Check the solenoid valves on top of unit. When energized, solenoid will magnetize, grabbing metal object if placed inside (such as a screwdriver). Remove to test. If solenoid does not magnetize, replace.
  5. Check amperage (230A draw under Full-Load)
  6. Check voltage (at least 10VDC)
  7. Replace battery if the proper amp / volts cannot be obtained.
  8. Make sure solenoid nuts are not too tight. (approx. 3-5 ft/lbs)
  9. Make sure solenoid valve(s) are not over-tightened. (approx. 30 ft/lbs )

If your Power unit has gone to that big scrapyard in the sky, we have replacement units available in a hurry on our website, Power Units.

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